Exercise For Life

The long-term management of your condition may require a routine of specific spinal rehabilitative exercises to maintain the strength of the affected area, our motto- Exercise for life. Your doctor of chiropractic will counsel you on the specific rehabilitative exercises that will be necessary for your condition.

But, everyone, whether they have gone through a chiropractic treatment program or not, will benefit from a healthy regimen of sports, recreation and general fitness exercises tailored for their own lifestyle.

A regular exercise program has many beneficial effects, from aiding proper digestion and intestinal action to promoting better circulation and a stronger, healthier heart muscle. Exercise burns calories, reduces fat and trims Muscles, all of which improve your appearance. Exercise is a self-esteem builder that makes you feel good about yourself and your relationship with others.

While authorities cannot completely agree on the perfect exercise, some basic points can help you to determine what exercise is right for you. Before starting any exercise program, be sure to first consult with your doctor of chiropractic to make sure your exercise program does not conflict with your treatment. The following are three criteria for your consideration in determining your optimal exercise program:

1. INCREASED PULSE RATE. An important requirement of any good exercise is that it increases the pulse rate and works the heart muscle. Laurence Morehouse, Ph.D., advocates vigorous exercise as monitored by your pulse rate, for its beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Dr. Morehouse is the director of exercise physiology at UCLA, and is the author on exercise and physical conditioning in the Encyclopedia Brittanica, the Encyclopedia Americana, the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and the Encyclopedia of Physical Education. In his book, “Total Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week,” Dr. Morehouse, Ph.D., suggests that 10 minutes of vigorous exercise, three times a week, is all that is needed for complete cardiovascular conditioning.

Such exercises as aerobics, skating, racquetball, running, tennis, swimming and bicycling are all very good at increasing the pulse rate and exercising the heart muscle.

2. BILATERAL. The most desirable exercises are the ones that work both sides of the body evenly. Sports such as bowling, racquetball and tennis can .develop one side of the body more than the other, which is not conducive to long-term maintenance of an aligned spinal column. Exercises and sports such as weight lifting, aerobics, running, skating and swimming are better in that they develop both sides of the body evenly.

3. NON-TRAUMATIC. Choose an exercise that is non-traumatic, that is, an exercise in which the chances of getting hurt are slim. Contact sports are good for increasing the heart rate and are many times bilateral but they are also more likely to cause severe injury. Good non-traumatic activities include low impact aerobics, weight lifting, skating, bicycling and swimming.

As a health care professional, your doctor of chiropractic is very knowledgeable in the effects of exercise on restoring and maintaining optimum health. Exercise is one of the main factors in promoting optimum health, with good eating habits, positive mental health and a properly functioning nervous system. None of these factors which make up optimum health should be neglected from your daily routine. A long and happy, disease-free life depends upon it!