Reactions To Treatment

“ Reactions to Treatment ” is the term doctors of chiropractic use to describe external sensations a patient may feel after a chiropractic adjustment. These external sensations are the changes a patient most likely notices first, even though the majority of the benefits of chiropractic treatment are internal – restoring nerve impulses to the parts of the body supplied by the nerves involved including the heart, lungs, joints, muscles, tissues, skin, eyes and even the brain itself. Restoring normal nerve flow to these areas can bring relief from pain, and may also benefit the patient in other ways, such as allowing for a better nights sleep, reducing tension and stress, and in general, a healthier feeling.

How should you feel after an adjustment? Some patients describe a feeling of warmth flowing to various parts of their body after an adjustment, while others experience a surge of vitality as nerve function is restored. Some patients even say there is a “euphoric” sensation immediately after an adjustment.

In certain cases, patients may feel complete relief from their discomfort or pain after only one adjustment, and there are some people who feel nothing at all after their initial treatment. You should keep in mind that the important internal effects of a chiropractic adjustment are usually not felt after only one visit Not feeling anything at all is not a bad sign, it simply means you have felt no external or perceptible change. Be assured that changes are indeed taking place and your doctor will be monitoring your internal changes through various testing procedures.

The various reactions to treatment are caused by a number of different factors depending on the patient’s condition and history. Some are experiencing “detoxification” as poisons drawn out of the body leave a residual headache or fatigue. A patient may become more sensitive to pain because the restoration of nerve flow does bring about a much greater sensitivity in organs and tissues. The “pins and needles” sensation a person feels after their leg or arm has “fallen asleep” is another reaction some patients have to chiropractic adjustment, due to restoration of blood flow to an injured area.

A very small percentage of patients may actually feel slight discomfort after their adjustment. This discomfort is similar to the way one feels after exercising for the first time. Those not accustomed to strenuous activity are likely to feet a little stiff and sore afterwards, and the same is true of your first few chiropractic adjustments. So, don’t be alarmed if there is some soreness after a treatment – even though you are doing something good for yourself, you may still feet a little uncomfortable, able at first, but this is an uncommon occurrence.

No one, not even your doctor of chiropractic, can tell beforehand exactly how you will react to your first few adjustments. We do know that the vast majority of patients experience only a positive effect and, in those few cases where a person actually feels a little worse, it is only because of the positive changes that are taking place. Be sure to tell your doctor of chiropractic about the sensations you are feeling throughout your treatment program, and rest assured, your doctor is closely monitoring your body’s responses in order to adapt your health care to give you the best chance of alleviation of your discomfort and restoration of your health in the most pleasant way possible.