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First Chiropractic

Our Commercials

A collection of First Chiropractic commercials spanning over the years. From automotive and on-the-job injuries to neck and back pain…

Chiropractic Articles your first visit

your first visit

what is chiropractic

Chiropractic is a professional health care field that specializes in natural and preventive care. It is also a science based on the premise that…

Chiropractic Articles chiropractic ama

Chiropractic & A.M.A.

in the court

Throughout its history, chiropractic & A.M.A. (American Medical Association) has often found itself at odds with one another. Perhaps…

Chiropractic Articles chiropractic effectiveness

chiropractic effectiveness

the 18 month study

There have been numerous formal government inquiries into the chiropractic effectiveness throughout the world. All of these…

Chiropractic Articles chiropratic history

history of chiropractic

september 18, 1895

The first recorded chiropractic adjustment was performed on September 18,1895, by Dr. Daniel David Palmer, a Canadian-born…

Chiropractic Articles optimum health

optimum health

curing the problem

Americans are bombarded from childhood with false images of what constitutes optimum health. To many, optimum health is merely the…

Chiropractic Articles treatment reactions

chiropractic treatment


“Reaction to Treatment” is the term doctors of chiropractic use to describe external sensations a patient may feel after a chiropractic…

Chiropractic Articles re-evaluations


open communication

First Chiropractic provides re-evaluations for your condition. Your doctor of chiropractic will make specific recommendations as to your future…

Chiropractic Articles the ages of stress

The Ages of Stress

productivity and health

It is said that we are in the ages of stress and that it is an integral part of life from which there is no escape, and complete absence from…

Chiropractic Articles spinal exercises

spinal exercises

look and feel better

Regardless of your condition, improving your posture through spinal exercises should be an important part of your fitness regime. Spinal…

Chiropractic Articles exercise for life

exercise for life


The long-term management of your condition may require a routine of specific spinal rehabilitative exercises to maintain the strength of…

Chiropractic Articles drink plenty of water

drink water

felling slugish?

Ever feel sluggish in the afternoon? Drink plenty of water! Read on to figure out why! We’ve all heard that drinking water is important…

Chiropractic Articles pain is a warning


is a warning

Due to years of exposure to mass-marketing techniques of advertisers and other health care providers, people have come to believe that…

Chiropractic Articles nutrition tips


for your health

Doctors of chiropractic, more so than any other primary health care provider, are trained to recognize and act on the causative relationship…

Chiropractic Articles spinal care

spinal care

restore & maintain

Doctors of chiropractic are specialists in evaluating the causative factors in the bio-mechanical and structural derangements of the spine that…